• Image of *NEW* Banksy in New York
  • Image of *NEW* Banksy in New York
  • Image of *NEW* Banksy in New York

“Banksy in New York” by writer and photographer Ray Mock is the ultimate companion to Banksy’s month-long project on the streets of New York in October, 2013.

Mock has been documenting street art and graffiti in New York and around the world for many years. His photography has appeared in numerous books (including Graffiti 365 and Banksy: You Are an Acceptable Level of Threat) and magazines. He is also a regular contributor to the arts and culture website Juxtapoz.

“Banksy in New York” offers a first-hand day-by-day account of the residency and many of the events surrounding the daily hunt for new pieces. The author is as much a fan as a critic of the artist’s work and delivers his account in the form of a personal narrative that is by turns insightful and humorous, paying homage to Banksy’s wit and creativity while challenging the artist – and his detractors – to consider the true impact of his work.

“Banksy in New York” features over 120 photos and illustrations on 120 pages and is available in a limited edition of 2,000 with a screenprinted front cover.



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