Carnage Issue 9: Lush (NSFW)

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Carnage Issue 9 features an exclusive collection of instant photo portraits by Australian graffiti writer Lush.

From his experiments with throw-ups, drawings, animation and artwork hidden in plain view in stores to his international box truck painting tour and frequent send-offs of graffiti conventions, Lush's work has been driven by the urge to go beyond the square cage of Instagram fame in order to create real-world interactions.

The photos in this issue aren't intended to shock or provoke, but rather to bring fun and playfulness to graffiti and to turn static portraits into creative interactions. Lush's girls don't just pose for the camera, they are active participants, painting walls and frequently each other with Lush's word. The models are thus taking ownership of the moment, turning what might have been just another series of graffiti photos into engaging and enthralling portraits.

Full color, perfect-bound, 52 pages, large format. Issue 9 is limited to 450 hand-numbered copies. Each copy comes with a set of Lush vinyl stickers and, while supplies last, Lush condoms and b/w photo stickers.