Every Person in New York (Vol. 2) by Jason Polan

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"When Jason died on January 27, 2020, the project Every Person in New York was over ten years old. This book picks up in June 2014, where Volume 1, published in 2015, left off, and draws upon the artist’s meticulous records in sketchbooks and blog posts. Every day he was in New York he drew for the project until the end of 2019. He estimated having drawn over 50,000 people and as he stated “I still have a bit to go.” Designed and Edited by Hans Seeger. “There’s something about the idea of Every Person in New York that my mind could get around, more so than the idea of Every Person in America, or Every Person in the World. Living in New York is something I think about a lot and I was looking for more ways to learn about it.” "Jason Polan’s powers of observation — so simple, quick, supple, fun, and visually intelligent — made him one of the consummate draftsmen of the 21st century.” Jerry Saltz, New York Magazine."

Dashwood Books, 2021
412 pages, 5,000+ drawings
7.3 x 1 x 9.25 inches