Carnage Issue 7: MAYHEM Crew

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Carnage Issue 7 features the work of MAYHEM crew from New York and New Jersey. Over the last 17+ years, the members of MAYHEM have relentlessly pushed the boundaries of style in graffiti without sacrificing their individual notions of visual and artistic integrity. We are proud to present an overview of the crew's work, including many exclusive photos, stories and illustrations.

MAYHEM is Chip7, Nace, Kemos, Mize, Sace, Met, Nesm, Merz, Newa, Anger, Bleek, Pose, Nekst, Vizie, Dalek, Zephyr, Cense, Navy8, Eye, Deja, Wyze, Gable, Aest2, Hunt, Dicko and False.

Issue 7 has 76 pages and is perfect-bound and printed in full color on high-quality stock. Like all of our zines, issue 7 is a collector's item, not a mass-produced book. The edition is strictly limited to only 600 numbered copies with screen-printed covers. Exclusive hand-written labels by MAYHEM crew members and eggshell stickers will also be included while supplies last.