Say It Ain't Southern Issue 3

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Features a full interview with Other, story by Buz and art by Alquimiaferrocarrilara, Coaltrain, Corpse, Crossroads, Deuce Seven, Dixie Rebel, E.B., Itso, Flow, Funky Mel, Goose, Goya, Irongates, Latch Key Kid, Michael Sieben, Mike Giant, Mr. Nar, Navy 8, Peachbutt, Quiet Yankee, Ramona, Read More Books, Remio, Sibl, Sink or Swim, Sluto, Smokin' Joe, Stonewall Jim, Stretch Out Samuel, Swampy, Texas Carl, Texas Pete, Tomcat 19, Travis Millard and Upperhand Art.

56 pages, full color, hand-numbered edition of 350. Comes with vinyl stickers.