SF Tags Handwriting Analysis Vol. 1

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All photographs in this magazine were taken by one photographer of graffiti tags within the S.F. city limits over the span of approximately 15 years using various film and digital cameras.

No throws, no pieces, no bullshit. No 'street art'. Over 200 photos featuring, among many others, WALKER, OPEN, REAF, KERBS, TWIST, EVADE, VIZIE, SPIEONE, FELON as well as the late TIE, PERCEPT, JADE, NEKST, PAK, ORFN, FRY, 3D and STAK.

The earliest dated tag is from 1990; the latest from 2010.

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56 pages, 8.5x11", saddle-stitched.
Numbered edition of 250 copies.